Why CRM coaching?

With weburi.com CRM coaching and training, you promote employee CRM competence, and thus the sustainable CRM benefit for the company.

Study: The new possibilities of digitized CRM

«It is difficult to find qualified employees for the new and demanding digital CRM tasks, which limits the companies in the use of customer data.»
Source: Computerworld 2020

Your implementation of a CRM system is not about technology. The CRM is a tool that can only be used efficiently by competent CRM employees.

Employee CRM competence

Usually many resources are used for the evaluation and implementation of the CRM system.

Practice shows that after the CRM implementation, companies invest too little in the CRM skills of their employees and therefore do not make optimal use of the added value of the investment and the running costs.

We can help you to optimize your CRM value sustainably!

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Important goals of a customer relationship management tool are to increase sales and customer satisfaction. We recommend that you do not focus on CRM as a tool when you achieve your goals, but rather on the CRM skills of your employees and reconsider the coaching accordingly.

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