What is CRM coaching?

weburi.com CRM coaching and training works according to the GROW model. The GROW model is the most commonly used framework of coaches in the business environment.

Goal - Reality - Options - Will

The weburi.com CRM coaching systematically processes between five and fifteen questions in each of the described four areas.

This creates a sustainable coaching target agreement. Interested?

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GROW structuring method

CRM coaching begins with setting goals. It could be a performance goal, a development goal, a problem to be solved, or a decision.

This step in the GROW model helps the coach and CRM staff to become aware of the current reality. In terms of the scope, context and extent of the existing situation.

Clear action plan

As soon as the CRM coach and the CRM responsible have a clear understanding of the situation, the possible variants and alternatives for successful implementation are defined.

In the last step of the GROW model, the CRM coach checks the commitment and helps the employee to establish a clear action plan.

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