Free Hubspot CRM

Wide range of CRM functions free of charge. Ideal solution for startups und SMEs.
Save time-consuming evaluations and self-tests with our proven implementation package.

What's the free CRM worth?

Hubspot offers a wide range of CRM functions. The free CRM is user-friendly, brings ease of work through automation and has high security standards. 

However, the additional modules from Hubspot are expensive. Hubspot recommendation

The free CRM is ideal for startups and SMEs. For the optimal cost benefit with regards to the Hubspot extensions, we recommend checking the required range of functions before implementation.
We would be happy to advise you.

Your advantage

You save time-consuming evaluations and self-tests, and thanks to our 20 years of CRM experience you can reach your goal quickly. In this context, we recommend this CRM solution together with our CRM implementation package. Schedule a free 30-minute call with us to understand your requirements.


If you do not need to expand the functionality of the free CRM version, you have a very substantial CRM. All relevant customer contact functions, including opportunities (deals), basic ticketing, CRM email integration and the mobile app are free of charge.


The free HubSpot CRM offers efficient integration with Gmail or Outlook. This includes logging of emails. Phone calls, notes, tasks and appointments are assigned to the contacts.

Automatic processes

HubSpot CRM relieves the user from a lot of work through automatic processes. For example, if a user adds a new company, it is usually sufficient to give the website. The system will then automatically find and add all relevant data. Companies are also automatically created for CRM contacts, or the contact is linked to it.  

There is also a free Hubspot app for Android and iOS. Hubspot has over 100 integrations with other applications. 

In summary, HubSpot offers a fee-based package of marketing, sales and customer service tools with a completely free CRM as the basis.

Log without tracking

We like that HubSpot CRM does not differentiate between leads and contacts. Each contact has a field called the lifecycle phase, which defines, among other things, whether it is a lead, prospect or customer. It is a simplification if leads and contacts are not kept in two separate lists. 

For data protection reasons, we recommend that you do not use email tracking automatically. A hidden picture shows when the email was opened. Even if this is done in accordance with GDPR, it can be seen as a violation of privacy by potential customers. In addition, Outlook may mark the Hubspot Tracking procedure as spam.

Practical tools

A practical tool for creating leads is the booking function for appointments. Interested parties can choose an appointment in a web form, the time range can be specified by the Hubspot user. This eliminates time-consuming scheduling. The contact is created directly in Hubspot and the appointment is added e.g. to your Google calendar.

You can store up to a million contacts in your free CRM HubSpot database, and you have an unlimited number of users on your team.

With the free Hubspot app, you can log all contact interactions on the go, also integrated with VoIP and Zoom.

Marketing Hub

The paid marketing tools help you bringing more visitors to your website, gain information about their behavior, and convert them into leads.

  1. Social Media
  2. Content Tools
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Marketing Automation

Sales Hub

Paid sales tools that help you automate your manual tasks and processes, maintain leads with a personal touch, and close more deals faster. 

  1. Calls
  2. Documents
  3. Email Processes
  4. Sales Automation
  5. Meeting planer

Service Hub

The paid customer service tools help you turn your customers into loyal customers who are ready to support your business. 

  1. Ticketing
  2. Help Desk
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Customer feedback


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